Tuesday, May 12, 2009

... the story about me and you ...

In Dec 3, 07 .... the 1st time I step in this country .... This is the begin of my new life ....
This is a new place for me ... I nvr been here before ...
After I left Malaysia I nvr think about LOVe .... I hardworking to my work ... to save $$ for my future and spend my time with my parents here. But until Dec 08' I met he ...
He is one of my net friends .... he is the 2nd I gave he my cell phone no. .... but he is the 1st I met with he face to face . Who is he? He is my 1st love KEn , I dunno why .... maybe it's a fate in between me and he !!
We came from a same country ... but we nvr meet each other before !!! We met each other in a big country ..a big city ..!! There has many is hard to explain in between me and he .... !! Example : why I willing to date with he ? ..... Why I fall in love to he ..?
I think that's a " Magic " ... ^_^ ...
I dunno how long we can keep this relationship ..... there has one thing I sure is.... I feel happy together with he now.....!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


回想过去的日子 不禁触动了眼泪

回想和你开心甜蜜的日子 不禁感触的流泪



因为爱 所以不再像从前那样冷酷

因为直率的性格 常惹你生气


而不想约束你 任你自由

因为爱 我相信你对我的爱

但今天的一句话 我真的受伤了

心痛得无法说话 泪不受控制地一直流下

痛得不懂怎么和你对话 ...